[PHOTO] BTOB at SBS Inkigayo

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[CAFE042912] BTOB Behind Story :: SBS Inkigayo

This is CUBE Entertainment.

BTOB had their final stage performance for “Insane” on April 29 at SBS Inkigayoㅠㅠ
Because all of you fans were very saddened we had conducted a mini fanmeeting..
Thank you so much to all the fans that had come!!!!!!!
Next time, a lot more will come and be with the members^^
So, SBS Inkigayo’s Behind Story images are revealed~!!!

< BTOB Behind Story :: SBS Inkigayo >

– Because it’s ‘Insane’ final performance, instead of the fans doing the usual they sent plenty of gifts
Looking at the gifts and letters is Changsub in his side view.
It’s his side view and yet why does he still come out looking this cool..kekeke– Among them are Changsub’s Placards, holding them, a complete solo shot^^– Trying to sing using an Icecream mic is Peniel!! Cutecute+_+– Killer Jung.Il.Hoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full of force keke– From a cool killer, we see a reversed-image of Ilhoon-gun~!
Focused on finishing a toy game
Eventually, when he finished he completed it with a solo shot^^– Images of BTOB Members holding flowers!!!! They go by ‘The Flower-holding Flower Boys’~!!!!

All this time there has been no group photo of the BTOB members keke
So, look at the party blower-blowing BTOB member’s faces.
Look at the members’ style of playing all at once^^ kekekekekekeke

Thank you.

TRANSLATED BY: kami-no-kami @ CUBICBEATZ / Cami @ fyeahborntobeat