Donate to our Projects

Hello~ Thank you for  having interest in checking our site hope you can participate too~

If you wanted to help us with our projects for BTOB we’re also capable of accepting via remittance  as of now~

we have 2 projects running at the moment,  so please help us a lot~ Thank you ^^

You can send us donations via Western union.

Here are the details where you can send any amount~

Name: Kenneth B. Silvestre

Address: 7 Casanova Drive Baranggay Culiat, Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Country: Philippines

Zip Code: 1234

after sending you can email us at for the Control Number and all the needed informations for the transaction.

all donors will be included at the “Thank You” page of our BTOB MAG and BTOB Comic book~

admin CK will be receiving it since the projects will be coming from the Philippines~ Thank you for your support and always FIGHTING~


2 thoughts on “Donate to our Projects

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