[PHOTO] Idols who Graduated at Hanrim Multi Arts High School with Ilhoon

grad grad (1)T-ARA’s Ahreum, SPEED’s Sejun, Dal Shabet’s Subin and B.A.P’s Jong Up with our very own Ilhoon ๐Ÿ™‚


[PHOTO] Eunkwang, Mighty Mouth with Dal Shabet at SBS MTV Studio C Recording

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source: MTV Korea

[NEWS] BTOB’s Eunkwang, Miss A’s Jia or Dal Shabet’s Serri, Who is the Best Pink haired Idol?

On March 21, 2012 BTOB debuted at M! Countdown. We all saw our Leader “Seo Eunkwang” in his “banjjak banjjak” Blonde hair, many fans anticipated BTOB’s debut at Music Bank and all was shocked and got excited the moment Eunkwang appeared in his new “Pink Hair”.

Kpop fans quickly thought of Miss A’s Jia whom was the first to popularize the “Pink Hair” Style and some thought of ย Dal Shabet’s Serri whom really looked good in “Pink Hair” style because of their title song “Pink Rocket”. Netizens have been discussing for whom ever looks good in it.

Now, the question is who really fits this hair style?

Miss A’s Jia, Dal Shabet’s Serri or BTOB’s Eunkwang?

Note: Eunkwang is the first male idol to put up is hair in this color ^^


source:ย ์ฒ ์ผ„๋…ธย viaย Born To Beat