[IG20151105] Ilhoon shows support for sister Joo


ilhoonmj 누나 반가워썽!😘

It was nice meeting you, Noona!


[TWITTER052113] Joo notices Ilhoon getting thinner, Plus a ‘Jung Sibling’ Selca


오랜만에 만난 누나와 동생 2탄! 왠지 요즘 부쩍 더 마른거같은..일훈이…

Sister and brother who haven’t seen each other for a long time part 2!
 Somehow it looks like he’s getting thinner.. Ilhoonie…

source: JOO (Ilhoon’s Sister)
trans: FYBTOB

[OTHER] BTOB’s Thank You Message in their 2nd EP ‘Press Play’


최고의 아티스트 비스트 선배님! 편하게 다가와 주셔서 정말 감사해요!

너무 멋있는 큐브의 아티스트 포미닛, 비스트, 지나, 마리오, 허각, 에이핑크 선배님들 모두 너무 본받고 싶습니다.
또 친해지고 싶어요!!

그리고 제게 많은 조언을 해주신 비스트 선배님, 포미닛 선배님, 지나 누나, 에이큐브 마리오 선배님, 허각 선배님, 에이핑크 선배님,
지훈이형 모두 감사드립니다.

자주 못 뵙지만 더 친해지고 싶은 비스트 형들

포미닛 선배님들, 비스트 선배님들, 지나 선배님, 허각 선배님, 에이핑크 선배님들, Miss A 선배님들, Wonder Girls 선배님들, 2PM 선배님들,
산이 선배님, 주 선배님! 데뷔 전에 좋은 말씀 해주시고 너무 잘해주셔서 감사합니다!

회사 선배님들 비스트 형들, 포미닛 누나들과 내 친구 소현이, 지나누나, 마리오 선배님, 허각 선배님, 지훈이형, 예리누나 고맙습니다!!!

그리고 저희에게 항상 힘을 주시고 도움을 주시는 비스트 선배님들, 포미닛 선배님들, 마리오 선배님, 허각 선배님
또 너무나도 이쁜 에이핑크 선배님들 감사합니다!!!

Seo Eun Gwang
Best artist BEAST sunbae-nims! Thank you very much for approaching us comfortably!

Lee Min Hyuk
I really wish to follow the examples of the very awesome CUBE artistes 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, Mario, Huh Gak, A PINK sunbae-nims. I also wish to become closer (with sunbae-nims)!!

Lee Chang Sub
And to the people who have gave me advices, BEAST sunbae-nims, 4minute sunbae-nims, G.NA noona, A CUBE Mario sunbae-nim, Huh Gak sunbae-nim, A PINK sunbae-nims, and Ji Hoonie hyung, thank you to all.

Im Hyun Sik
Even though I hardly get to see them, BEAST hyungs whom I want to be closer with

4minute sunbae-nims, BEAST sunbae-nims, G.NA sunbae-nim, Huh Gak sunbae-nim, A PINK sunbae-nims, Miss A sunbae-nims, Wonder Girls sunbae-nims, 2PM sunbae-nims, San E sunbae-nim, JOO sunbae-nim! Thank you for telling me good words before my debut and for doing so well!

Jung Il Hoon
Company’s sunbae-nims, BEAST hyungs, 4minute noonas, and my friends So Hyunnie, G.NA noona, Mario sunbae-nim, Huh Gak sunbae-nim, Ji Hoonie hyung, Yeri noona, thank you!!!

Yook Sung Jae
And to the people who have always given us strength and help, BEAST sunbae-nims, 4minute sunbae-nims, Mario sunbae-nim, Huh Gak sunbae-nim, and also the very pretty A PINK sunbae-nims, thank you!!!

Credits; 아름다운광이야님
Translated by; DUYONG2ST@B2STSG.com (@B2STSG)





[NEWS] BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon and JYP’s Joo confirmed to be Siblings

On April 9, 2012. News at the internet spread about BTOB’s Main Rapper Jung Ilhoon and JYP Entertainment’s “JOO” . 

Somehow fans noticed their similarities and they also has the same surname. Before and after debuting Ilhoon haven’t mentioned anything about it even though fans are insisting him to be B2ST’s Junhyung’s younger brother Ilhoon have been quiet about these stuffs until Joo herself confirms it.

Then Joo’s International Fan base tweeted it in English “Yes everyone is right~ BToB’s Jung Ilhoon is my biological younger brother… Hehe^^BTOB’s cool right? Kukuku Please lots them lots! and Ilhoon too~~

The full tweet was “Yes everyone is right~ BToB’s Jung Ilhoon is my biological younger brother… Hehe^^BTOB’s cool right? Kukuku Please lots them lots! and Ilhoon too~~”

Now, Ilhoon and her sister are now part of “Kpop’s list of Siblings”  alongside 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder, SNSD’s Jessica and F(x)’s Krystal, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joon and Ukiss’ former member Kim Kibum and Block B’s Zico and Co-Ed School’s Taewoon.

If you don’t know Ilhoon’s noona yet you can watch her Music Video below: Joo has an awesome vocal prowess~!

video credits to:  

article by: 철켄노 of BTOB UPDATES