[VIA.ME112912] Peniel and Sungjae had breakfast together before leaving for Singapore

싱가포르가기전에 성재랑 아침으로 김치찌개! ㅋㅋ 싱가포르 다시가니깐 기분 좋다! 싱가포르 멜로디들 기대하고있나요?~프니엘~

Got some 김치찌개 for breakfast w/ Sungjae before leaving for Singapore!!Excited to go back! Singapore melodies~~ are you guys excited? :P~Peniel~

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[TWITTER112312] Peniel is thankful for his amazing family

지금 미국에는 thanksgiving이라서 가족이랑 화상채팅했어요~ 보고싶다 ㅠㅠ 전 이렇게 좋은 가족이있어서 너무 감사해요! 🙂 ~프니엘~

It’s thanksgiving in America so I webcammed with the fam! I miss them!I’m thankful for having an amazing family~Peniel~

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[VIA.ME100912] The Beautiful Skies caught Peniel’s attention

이제 씻고 누웠습니다~~ 오늘 광주에 와서 우리 공연 본 멜로디들! 너무 고마웠어요! ^^ 광주가는길에 하늘이너무예뻐서 사진찍었어요~ 이쁘죠? 전이제잘게요~ 잘자요!~프니엘~

Just washed up and laid down~~ to all the melodies that came to watch us perform in 광주! Thank you!! And on the way the sky was so pretty! Isn’t it beautiful? Hehe anyways good night!~Peniel~

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