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(send us a tweet at @BTOBupdates / @kkennooo [admin] for us to check the emails)

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36 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello, Iยดm claudia and live in Argentina, I speak spanish and I love so much BTOB, thanks for your hard job and I wish question you this: Can you give me permis to take the videos, interview and downland for publish in spanish in my Blog ….
    I read and watch everything there is, but is not the same that if it is in spanish, and I think that latin people could more enjoy of BTOB if they have this material with sub spanish. Ofcourse I give you the credits.
    Well, thanks for your time. BYE BYE

  2. Hi, I need your help. Do you know how to post pictures from URL but in Thumbnail size in WordPress? I’m trying but still it’s posted in its original size. Thank you

  3. Hello, I wanted to ask a question apparently, I want to ask how to register an account with Daum so I can chat with BTOB, but I don’t speak Korean and I try to translate the page to English but a lot of the words were not translated well, and I need directions on how to set up an account, Thanks for every thing, hope you reply soon

  4. Hey,
    I only wanted to say that, althoug I knew this Band only since two weeks they are very close to my heart and I love the Songs.
    But now my question is: are they come one year to Germany or are they only go on tour in japan and Korea?

    Hope you could answer ^^

  5. Hello! I’m a french fan of BtoB.
    I like.. No… I love this group!
    I am creator and one administrator of a page on South Korea & Kpop, and I talk lot of them, so, I asked fans of my page, if they are a message for the group. I have selected 3 messages for BtoB:

    “I love that, I’m crazy about them and that I melt back with their song ‘I know only love “” (Of Manon)

    “I like them and I hope that one day they will give us a concert in France and they always keep their mood! Saraghae โค " (Of Amรฉlia)

    And "You are so cool!! I like your style !! ๐Ÿ˜€ " (Of Oscar)

    My message is: Waa!! You are so beautifull, wonderfull… You are "Wow" ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I like your music and your personnality. I want tell you what you're so cool, and don't give up. You're a great group and we hope to see you quickly in concert in France! "

    Aja aja fighting!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You! โค

  6. Hey.
    I am originally Korean born in America and raised in France. I love all the effort your putting into all this. Just wanted to let you know that I can help if you need translating, from Korean to English (or even French if you need).

    Keep on it,


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  8. heLLo !!! btob!!i wish u can show tour here in phillipines im free to go there ..i dont need to buy ticket heheXD

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