[NEWS] BTOB Lee Minhyuk’s real tears fell in the middle of his emotional acting ‘Fans were surprised’


BTOB’s Minhyuk, who always has a bright warm smile and friendly personality, is receiving attention for his emotional acting.

On the 34th episode of MBC every1’s ‘Reckless Family 2’, Miss A’s Min and BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk expressed their emotions on having to leave each other as well as the reckless family for the last episode.

Last week, Min and Minhyuk agreed to have some time to themselves and were awkward with each other when they met. In between that time, Minhyuk had received a phone call from his manager that he would have to live together with his members while preparing for new album promotions. Minhyuk was supposed to tell this to Min but was unable to until that night because it was not easy to bring it up. But, Min also brought up that she was going to leave the reckless house because she signed a contract to move into a penthouse with Kwak Hyunhwa.

That night, Min left the reckless house with Kwak Hyunhwa. Minhyuk was unable to see Min off, but watched her leave in secret from the veranda on the second floor.  Minhyuk’s tears fell while being overcome with emotions with his break-up acting. He received a round of applause from all of the staff for his realistic acting.

Min and Minhyuk’s last story with reckless family will be broadcast on May 28th at 6PM on MBC every1 on ‘Reckless Family 2’.

Translated by: jinyoo @ Cubicbeatz
Source: Sports World