[CAFE041412] BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core


This is Cube Entertainment.

For today’s Music Core stage, with Ilhoon injuring his ankle

he sat down for the performance which got lots of fans worried about him~

You don’t have to worry too much because it’s not a serious injuryㅠㅠ
He’s going to get better soon for the fans so everyone give him lots of support with Fightings^^

This is today’s MBC Music Core’s Behind Story~!!!

< BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core >

– Sungjae’s love of rice/food~!! This ish mine (in aegyo) >_<

– After saying that today the fans gave him lots of placards
this is Sungjae’s image of him lying down next to Ilhoon with the placards covering him up(?)^^;;– I’m alright~~ is what he wanted to leave as a message to the fans while drinking (a smoothie)!!!
So please, fans don’t worry too muchㅠㅠ (As a bonus I’ll add an expression that he’s pushing^^)– Without out a doubt it is Hyunsik who is taking a proof shot with the placards the fans gave him today!! Isn’t it refreshing?ㅋㅋㅋ

– After receiving a gun from a fan he was so happy that he immediately when to read the letter

He also let us take a picture of him holding a gunㅋㅋ

But„„, you had to purchase the batteries separately so we’re just acting like it worked^^;;;;;;;;;– After the fans had mentioned that Minhyuk wasn’t including in the Behind Story of M!Countdown this week
Today, He took a cute version picture with a pororo microphone that a fan gave him!!
A cut with the lights glowing from the mic!! and without!! Which photo cut do you like better?? Hehe– Today’s Highlight!! It’s a bubble special.
This is the images of the members who fell into playing with bubbles in the waiting room.
Because they were so excited to be playing with the bubbles, the staff bursted out laughing!!!!! ^^We’ll end today’s Behind Story with Eunkwang’s image of experiencing the terror of the bubbles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Thank You.

trans. by Angi CUBICBEATZ

[CAFE120407] BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core


This is Cube Entertainment.

This is the Behind story at MBC Music Core.

There’s not many pictures, please understand ^^;;;

Then, while waiting for SBS Inkigayo please leave lots of comments ^^

< BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core >

– The second time of Peniel-gun and magnae Sungjae-gun’s fashion king version!!!
While dressing up in the presents the fans gave them they took this picture hehehe

– A confirmation shot that they’ll never forget the placards fans give them keke

– Our Changsub-gun looked really tired ㅠㅠ

Nevertheless even his sleepy sitting image is not the same as a pictorial ^^;;;

– A snapshot of Sungjae-gun’s beautiful smile!!^^

– Minhyuk-gun is crying ㅠㅠ What happened?

– The truth of the tears… they’re artificial tears!! hahaha

– Minhyuk-gun’s method of mouth-washing!

1. First one nice pose with the mouthwash that fans gave!!!2. Pour mouthwash into the mouth and gargle!!!!!3. After finishing with the mouthwash take another pose with a refreshing smile!!!!!

trans. by dj_jeon  @Cubicbeatz