[VIDEO] Minhyuk’s Star Call plus English Translations

Hello! This is BTOB’s MinHyuk

It’s been a while right?

Today my hair has been styled in a special way, it’s really fluffy like a puppy

A have a tail too ^^

Right now I’m at Music Bank waiting room

After a long time we’re performing at music bank, we’re having a special stage with BAP

Today SungJae is performing SISTAR sunbaenims song as a special stage

You can’t miss today’s live broadcast!

The weather has been really cold, so you need to be careful of catching a cold

If you catch a cold ㅠㅠ (pout)

Then, till now this has been BTOB’s MinHyuk

Annyong (bye)~

source: kpoplovers819

[VIDEO] Sungjae and Eunkwang’s Star Call plus English Translations

(SungJae): Hello Dear Fans,

It’ been a while right?

The weather has been cold, so be careful of catching a cold

Tomorrow I am going to have a special stage at Music Bank so I hope many of you come too see me

BTOB and BAP will also have a special stage

And me, SungJae, will have a special stage so please look forward to them

(EunKwang): I’ll look forward to it SungJae-goon

Me too, I’ll look forward to it

(SungJae): Ehhhh there’s nothing to look forward to

(EunKwang): Understood

(SungJae): You are going to come tomorrow right?

(EunKwang): *mehrong (lol)

(SungJae): There’s probably going to be great performances, but you need to be there to see them….

Okay then bye…

Merry Christmas~~

video: kpoplovers819
trans : FYBTOB