[CAFE042612] SungJae tells student fans to study hard

“Best weather TT

Annyeonghaseyo, I’m SungJae~~~~
Today’s weather is very good TT
I wanted to go and play but, (there’s) practice and practice again!!! And also, student fans, it’s exam period so please study hard and must come out with good results, okay
(Ah… I’m a student too…)

Come and see BTOB again (soon)~~~ !!! ^^”


source: Sung Jae


[CAFE042012] BTOB Behind Story :: Private Photos – 1

This is CUBE Entertainment
Today we will try the big release of never before seen photos.
MTV The Show / M! Countdown / CUBE CAFÉ etc. gathered some of the the members’ faces which we’ll show you and it should be issued with more comments and love^^

So. Behind Story comes out~!!
Behind Story :: Private Photos – 1

– Taking Selca photos at MTV The Show are Eunkwang-gun and Changsub-gun!!!
Their skills are really getting better^^

– After M! Countdown finished its broadcast, they started selca playing again!!!
Even this day, unbreakable Sungjae-gun starts then one by one the members gather and get complete CUBE CAFÉ Face Collection~!!!
/ Arm-wresting Hyunsik-gun and Ilhoon-gun!!! Hyunsik-gun’s relaxed expression in contrast to Ilhoon’s face, who’s having a difficult time!!
(Today’s concept REA.LLY. is up to your imagination^^;;; / Waiting to drink Americano is Changsub-gun!!
If the Cafe only had men like now everyone should go to that cafe ^^ kekekeke/ After this photo was taken, liking and saying it came out cute is Sungjae-gun!! Praising-himself ten-thousand times^^ kekekeke/ Extending and pouting his lips adorably for the photo is Ilhoon-gun!! A face like that looks lovely^^/ Looking at foreign media interview reports is Hyunsik-gun!! He’s just sitting down but he’s so cool!/ Drawing a picture from after the interviews, working hard with his drawing is Hyunsik-gun.
This day we couldn’t protect the drawings, But next time we will formally upload a better drawing^^/ Giving off a feeling like he’s from New York is Ilhoon-gun!! Yoohoo~!!!!!/ Holding a guitar is Hyunsik-gun and beside him watching him is Peniel-gun!!
Please live more together in this kind of mood^(+) BONUS

Minhyuk-gun’s first apperance is on this week JTBC’s program “Naughty Boy”!!
Every Saturday Evening on 11:05 will be when the show broadcasts on JTBC

First appearance celebration the staff took a photo and decorated Minhyuk-gun cutely, sent and uploaded it, so everyone must watch the broadcast!

translated by kami-no-kami CUBICBEATZ

[CAFE042212] BTOB’s Main Sexy Male Hyunsik left a message at their fan cafe on their 1st month

It’s been a while ~ ^_^
I can’t believe that it had already been a month already!
You guys all know that we successfully completed the final mission on AMAZON right!
We really didn’t plan anything before the filming!
We only thought that 1000 people were going to show up because of the weather, but 1563 people showed up!
It was really touching and at the same time we were really glad!
If less than 1000 people showed up, we were not able to show off our performance today
The weather was groggy and we were all feeling down since we barely got an hour to sleep but!
I think all of that disappeared from the stage we got to perform!!
Thank you to all of you guys who came out!
We really wanted to greet each and one of you guys, but we really can’t see well on the stages ㅠ_ㅠ
People who wanted to come, but couldn’t make it, please come out next week!
More people, the louder the cheers get and it gives us a lot of strength!
Thank you so so much!!! You guys know how I feel right? kekekeke

– From BTOB’s Sexy Main Male Hyunsik who is a fresh out rookie for about a month

translated by yongism @btobeatmedia

[CAFE041012] BTOB Behind Story :: Things that happened at the CUBE STUDIO


This is Cube Entertainment.

On April 10th, 2012~~~ Our CUBE STUDIO has opened today. Oowaoowa~!!!!

The BTOB members were invited to the open part and the first place they found and went to was the band practice room~

As soon as they entered the band practice room they inspected the instruments,

They held the instruments and went straight into playing them^^;;; As expected, they’re skilled idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then, we’ll send you the Behind Story of the member’s images at CUBE STUDIO.

< BTOB Behind Story :: Things that happened at the CUBE STUDIO… >

– The first one to sit in from of the drums was Changsub.
Since there were no sticks he searched here and there but ended up just using his hands to play the drums^^
Even while playing the drums with his hands, he was really cool!!!!

– Peniel is holding a bass guitar and playing it~
He seemed like a different person while he was playing the bass guitar^^ So cool~!!

– Minhyuk who was standing in front of the keyboard~~ Is he really playing the piano??? Is he not???? Try guessing!!!!

– RE.AL.LY Leader Eunkwang who came to play the keyboards for real~~
Of course, he seems like a different person while watching him play the keyboards♡

After watching Eunkwang playing the keyboard.. Minhyuk was then put in charge(?) of the air conditioner^^;;;;;
(Then that image before……?? We’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination)

– Vocal Sungjae wouldn’t seem to let go of the microphone from his hands~~ We want to hear Sungjae’s song~!!!!

– Rapper Ilhoon, we took a cut of the definite rapper’s cool image^^

– Minhyuk who was previous in charge of the air conditioner (?) showed off his amazing rap skills together with Ilhoon!!!

Of course, his image of holding a mic is much cooler right? ㅋㅋㅋ

– Look around at Hyunsik’s popularity~ After he held the guitar and started playing it,
After a little while he started to move towards the keyboard and started playing it~~
Of course, there’s definitely nothing that Hyunsik can’t do^^;;

Thank You.

trans. by Angi @Cubicbeatz

[CAFE040312] Leader Eunkwang’s post at their fancafe

와아아아~~ 오늘 팬미팅 정말 즐거웠습니다ㅋㅋㅋ와주신분들 너무너무 감사드려요!!!정말 여러분들 덕분에 이 험난한 세상을 힘차게 살아갑니다ㅠ.ㅠ 처음에 만우절이라고 저희를 째려보시는 눈빛들이 잊혀지질않네요ㅋㅋㅋ오늘 날씨도 추웠는데 감기 안걸리시게 따숩게들 하구 주무세요!! 다음 팬미팅땐 더 재밌고 알차게 찾아뵙겠습니다 하하하 모두 안녕히~~~~~~뿅

Waaaaaa~~ Today’s fan meeting was really funㅋㅋㅋ Thank you so so much to all those that came!!! Really, because of everyone I am living with all my might in this rough/dangerous world ㅠ.ㅠ At first because it was April Fools day there were those that looked at us unkindly and I still can’t forget itㅋㅋㅋ Today’s weather was also cold so in order to not catch a cold please wrap yourselves warmly and sleep!! During the next fan meeting it’ll be more fun and meaningful so we’ll see you then hahaha goodbye everyone~~~~~~bbyong

Translation by Angi@Cubicbeatz