[AUDIO] Bye Bye Love – BTOB ‘Changsub and Ilhoon’ and BEAST ‘Yoseob and Dongwoon’

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[TWITTER043013] Ilhoon and Changsub to work with Beast’s Dongwoon and Yoseob in an OST


내일은 MBC 남자가 사랑할 때 Part.4 음원이 공개됩니다!! 비스트와 비투비의 최초 콜라보레이션으로 완성된 Bye Bye Love♥ 많이 기대해 주세요~ ^^

Tomorrow MBC When A Man’s in Love OST Part 4 will be revealed!! BEAST and BTOB first collaboration completed Bye Bye Love♥ please anticipate it a lot~ ^^

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[PHOTO] Minhyuk with B2ST’s Dongwoon at ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’ Recording

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[ARTICLE] What does B2ST’s Dongwoon and BTOB’s SungJae had in common before?

Similarities? They’re both Maknae ^^ but its not it.

At B2ST’s program “B2ST Idol Maid” Maknae Dongwoon confessed that he studied in the Philippines to learn English. Dongwoon studied at Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines. While BTOB’s maknae SungJae studied at Cebu, Philippines. According to them they liked their stay in the Philippines.

Remember the Korean Actress “Lee Da Hae” on a tv show where she insulted Filipino’s English Accent? She was hated by a lot of people after that. Later on, Lee Da Hae confessed that she learned to speak in English because of her “Filipino” Teacher.

 I wouldn’t bother to wonder, the Philippines is one of the most great English Speakers and Pronouncers in the World so they really had a great taste. More idols had their Philippine touch, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, MBLAQ’s Thunder and many more.


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