[TWITTER060213] Changsub shows his concern to their Melodies

changsub늦게까지 회사앞에서 기다려주시는 멜로디 여러분 기다려주시는것도 너무너무 감사하지만 요줌은 밤길이 위험하니까 늘  조심하고 가급적이면 차 끈기기전에 집으로 돌아가는게 난 마음이 놓일거같아요 항상 언제어디서든 주변 잘 살피고 조심하기 알겟지^^?  -ㅇㅊㅅ

To all the melodies that have been waiting in front of the company until late at night, I appreciate the thought but please be careful. The streets are dangerous at night recently. If you have a car that can take you home it will put my mind at ease. Always be careful about your surroundings anytime anywhere do you understand^^?

– L C S

source: CHANGSUB
trans: FYBTOB


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