[TWITTER051713] Minhyuk: “Be careful of nightmares”

BKee3e7CMAIbFTM(민혁) 안녕 어제야 오늘도 안녕하니? 눈 감으면 찾아오는 어두운 밤이 지칠때 어제가 힘이 돼 아름다웠잖아 Back in the day 일부 틀린가사가 기재되어있길래~ 다들 더위조심! 악몽조심! 굿밤><

(MinHyuk) Goodbye yesterday, hello again today?
When the dark night arrives and you become exhausted close your eyes,
and yesterday will give you strength it’s really beautiful isn’t it?
Back in the day
A part of the lyrics is wrong~
Everyone, be careful of the heat! Be careful of nightmares! Goodnight><

(민혁) 준형이형 몬스타나오는거 나도봐야되는데!!!!! 다들 재밌게보셨나요~~앞으로 다들 본방사수고고 깨알 비투비도 출연합니다ㅋㅋ

(Minhyuk) I should go watch Junhyungie-hyung on  Monstar!!!!! Did everyone enjoy watching the show~~ Please continue  watching the show in the future, go go! BTOB will be appearing as well  keke

source: MINHYUK
trans: FYBTOB


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