[TWITTER050513] Minhyuk : “Melodies’ manners are pretty good”

minhyuk민혁)오늘 밀양아리랑가요제에서 저희 무대끝나고도 자리에남아주시고 질서를지켜주셔서 너무이뻤답니다 역시 멜로디는 매너도굿b 앞으로도 오늘처럼 이쁜멜로디가됩시당^0^

Minhyuk) At today’s Milyang Festival, to those who stayed in their seats even after our stage ended and continued watching are very pretty. As expected MELODYs’ manners are good *thumbs up* In the future, just like today, let’s continue to be pretty MELODYs^0^

source: MINHYUK
trans: FYBTOB


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