[CAFE042313] Peniel listens to G-Dragon, Jay Park, F(x), Chris Brown and other artists’ songs nowadays


오랫만에 쓴다..ㅋㅋ 요즘에 많이 듣는 노래 추천해주고싶어서 왔어요~

haven’t wrote here for a long time…. just stopped by because i  wanted to share some of the songs that i’m listening to these days!

1. Chris Brown – Fine China
2. Jay Park – 좋아
3. 15& – Somebody
4. Ladies Code – 나쁜 여자
5. NS Yoon-G – If You Love Me
6. Jay Park – Appetizer
7. f(x) – Beautiful Stranger
8. Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up
9. G-Dragon – 미치고
10. Zion.T – Babay

기억 나는대로 적었습니다 순서 상관없어요)  (not in any order, just wrote down what i remember

source: PENIEL


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