[TWITTER041413] Changsub’s series of tweets

485387_538800946170188_115294_n두번째 고백 많이사랑해주세뇨^^ -창섭

Please give lots of love to Second Confession^^

약간쌀쌀한 봄의아침! 학교갈 출근길 운동하러 가는길! 비투비의 두번째고백과 함께^^ 오늘하루도 행복하세요 -창섭이당

Just now it was a chilly spring morning! Exercise as you go on your way to school! With BTOB’s Second Confession^^ Have a happy day today too

밥은 먹었나 여러분~??

 Has everyone eaten yet~??

내가다시 왓다 나는밣 이창섭이다

 I’m back again, it is me Lee ChangSub

언제나사랑하는거 알죠~??

You know that I will always love you right~??

오늘같은 신나는 토요일 비투비의 두번째고백과 함께^^

 Today is such an exciting day, you should spend it together with BTOB’s “Second Confession”^^

구리고이따가움악중심 본방사수!!

Also, don’t forget to watch Music Core today!!

인기가요가는중… 졸리당….ㅠㅠㅠ -창섭

Going to Inkigayo…I’m sleepy….ㅠㅠㅠ


source: CHANGSUB
trans: FYBTOB


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