[ARTICLE] G.NA and IlHoon’s surprise kiss performance on Music Core

G.NA and Jung IlHoon has presented a kiss performance.

On the 13th April, G.NA performed ‘Oops!’ on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’.

On this day, G.NA wore a white meshed top which has garnered attention. G.NA’s 8-proportioned body and perfect voluptuous body gained male fans’ cheers. Today too, G.NA further gave a surprise peck on IlHoon’s cheeks, shocking everyone who set eyes on it. G.NA shyly gave a light kiss while Jung IlHoon laughed with his teeth showing.


G.NA will be having her goodbye stage for this week. Jung IlHoon on the other hand, started his promotion as a BTOB member. Recently Jung IlHoon met up with Newsen and expressed, “I’ve spent the days busily but I prefer working hard in promoting than to rest. So I never have any thoughts of resting or if it’s hard,” revealing his comeback feelings.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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