[ARTICLE] BTOB Express Aspiration, “To be singers that break idol prejudices”


Coming back after 6 months, the 7 members boy group BTOB has voiced out their aspiration.

BTOB has performed their latest digital single ‘Second Confession’ on ‘Music Bank’ lately.

BTOB Im Hyunsik expressed, “Standing on stage after 6 months, rather than nervous, the excitement is very much larger” and, “The time since we last stand on stage seemed to be short, but we have done our very best”, revealing his greed for the stage.

So far, BTOB’s comeback song ‘Second Confession’ has an overall different vibe from their previous powerful and fast-beat tempo dance songs such as ‘Insane’ and ‘WOW’. Instead of the usual electronic music, BTOB has comeback with a comfortable song that showcases their sweet vocals. The lyrics furthermore, include a somewhat 1990s analog that complements the gentle melody of the song.

Towards their choice of cute teenagers transformation, Lee ChangSub commented, “All of the members actually have a bright personality” and, “The previous manly concept was good but we are satisfied with our cute and bright look, because I think that’s BTOB’s original colors too,” he expressed. Also, “There are a lot of singers that have the same concept. But the difference with BTOB isn’t because, ‘we are BTOB, so we’re different’, but rather to show an image we can show on stage”, revealing their confidence.

After 2010, many idols debuted in the entertainment industry. In such situation, BTOB received comments of safely making their debut successfully last year. Even so, it is still a fact that other than fans in their teens, not all of the public listeners’ attention was captured. Before even listening to idols’ music, the public usually criticizes them likened to a premature wholesale of singers.

Lee Changsub expressed, “We understand why there’s such stereotypes the public have against idols” and, “Personally, I want to have songs like Brown Eyed Soul sunbaenim’s songs – song that last in your memories even when time passes. In order to do that, we’re working hard on it. So, we ask (the public) to listen to our songs first before evaluating them”.

Im Hyunsik continued, “BTOB will show a different kind of music” and, “We want to be singers that break the idol prejudices,” he emphasized.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Kuki News


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