[OTHER] Hyunsik’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


My pretty mom who let Lim HyunSik exist, the coolest dad in the world who gave me music in my blood, the one and only YoonSik Hyung who I am proud of and miss a lot, my grandmother, I am really thankful and love you all a lot. Thank you so much to Hong SeungSung CEO who gave me this oppurtunity to achieve my dream. Representative Shin JungHwa, President Park Choongmin-nim, President Lee Soohyun-nim, Vice President Lee Soohyun-nim, Branch Manager Kim HyungGyu-nim, Yongbok hyung, Branch leader Oh Jiho, thank you very much.  BTOB’s another members, the cool hyungs Yongwoon hyung, Jiyong hyung, Yonghyun hyung, Jongwon hyung thank you! Let’s keep fighting from now on.  Long distance cousin Im Sanghyuk PD-nim, Jaewoo hyung, Yongbae hyung and Kim Dohun composer, who write really good songs for us, and will write for us in the future.  Thank you Jaebin hyung for always having us record!! I thank all the new debut development team, who’ve made BTOB and the me right now.  Park Jaehyun branch manager, Shin Minjung Team Leader, Sangmi nuna, Ilshik hyung, Sena nuna, Taehyun hyung, Woonsun nuna, Dongmin hyung, Kangmin hyung, thank you so much!!  We really want to see us on top!  I also want to thank your management team.  Sehun hyung, Joonkun hyung, Jiho hyung, Jintaek hyung, Hyejung nuna, Youngchan hyung, Taemin hyung, thank you! Thank you Hyojin Team Leader for scheduling good interviews for us.  I also want to thank our coordination team for all their support.  Inyoung nuna, Jia nuna, Yeonsoo hyung and Daewon hyung, thank you! I also want to thank Soyeon nuna, Dayeon nuna from the Fan Marketing Department, for bringing good images to us.  I also want to thank you Visual Art Team, Kim Jong hun Team manager-nim, Jung junghyun Team leader-nim, Section Chief Kim Duk Hwan, Jisun nuna, thank you! I want to thank the Art team’s Park Jungchan Department Manager, Lee Junghye Team Leader, Semi nuna, Hyein nuna.  I also want to thank Engineer Cho Sungjun-nim.  Thank you Hwaewon nuna from Tinkerbell, for styling us so nicely.  Im your Peter Pan^^ and Sunkyung nuna, Heeran nuna, Eunhye nuna, Hansaem, thank you very much!!  I also want to thank Mr.Kangho, Okjae nuna, Hyojung nuna, Youngran nuna, Taejin nuna, Jinu hyung for the cool hairs.  I also want to thank the Make-up department Mon Junyoung Department Manager, Ms.Yoojin, Ms.Sena, Ms.Hyemi, thank you.  Thank you, all of Fate Studio, including Sangmoo hyung, Kim Youngjun Department Manager, photographer Mok Najung, for really cool pictures.  I also want to thank Janis Bros’ Director Hong Wongi and the rest of the staffs for filming us such a cool music video.  Sehwan hyung, Taebum hyung, Jaia and Oksun hyung, thank you for cool choreography.

Thank you Jungwan hyung, Jungkwan hyung and Jungmin hyung, for teaching me how to dance for the first time.  Also, thank you Joonjin hyung and teacher Boram.  Kyungsang hyung, our MasterQ!! Thank you very much and I love you!!  Thank you teacher Hyunjoo, teacher Yoomi, teacher Raehee, teacher Jieun, teacher Jiyeon and teacher Kilsang, for teaching us how to sing.  Also thank you teacher Joohyuk and teacher Junkyu.  Thank you teacher Sungyong for giving me confidence by helping me to work out!! I will definitely repay you. The beautiful teacher Minhwa, teacher YURI, teacher Hyejin, thank you for helping me not to forget my Chinese and English.  teacher Janghun, thank you for giving me an interest in acting.

Teacher Hoonkyu thank you for struggling with my stiff body.  To my guitar teacher Mr.Donghyun and Mr.Jungyu, thank you for teaching me how to write songs.  ”We live in Chungdam-Dong“‘s Kim Sukyun PD nim, thank you for the opportunity!  Jungeun nuna thank you.  Squirrels, we are the original TT I am disappointed~

Our Eagle five! Number two Jaesung, number three Jinwoong, number four Wanjae, number five Jongbum.  I love you all very much.  We’re gonna stay together until the end!! Thank you Hercules’ Hebe.  Youngjun hyung I miss you! Wo an ni.  Jaehyung hyung, Sukjin hyung, Myunoh hyung, Jiyoon hyung, Bumjoon hyung, I miss you.  I will succeed!

APink, whom we have a lot of memories with, G.Na nuna, who always takes care of me, 4Minute, who are most beautiful in person, and always so reliable and supportive, Beast Hyungs, who I want to get closer even if we don’t see each other often, Mario Sunbae-nim, who looks so cool cuz he looks like an African-American, Hugak sunbae-nim, who is very good at live stages, thank you all so much.  We will be a hoobae who is not disappointing. To our loving Cube trainees and Chinese team hyungs, Jihoon hyung, thank you all!!  Heewon nuna, who discovered me first and MNE founder, thank you.  Thank you, Teacher Wu from Shanghai Hyangmyung Middle school.  Thank you Melodies who were together from the start of BTOB and will always be together during the growth.  To my fellow BTOB members Eunkwang hyung, Minhyuk hyung, Changsub hyung, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae, I love you!! I want to thank the rest of people who have helped me to be where I am today, up until now.

translated by fyeahborntobeat |  PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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