[OTHER] Sungjae’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


First, Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world!! Also my always supportive and caring noona! I love you so much~~ For allowing us 7 of BTOB to exist, Thanks to President Hong SeungSung, Representative Shin JungHwa, President Park ChoongMin, Vice-President Noh HyunTae, Director Oh JiHo. We will work hard!!

Being by our side from now on, YongWoonie Hyung, YongBokie Hyung, JiYongie Hyung, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung! I hope you get along YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung! And really thank youㅜㅜ To the Rookie Development Team for making the person I am Director Kim HyungKyu, Director Park JaeHyun, MinJung Noona, SeNa Noona, IlSikie Hyung, and especially SangMi Noona^^ Whenever we meet, always receive friendly greetings WoonSun Noona, TaeHyunie Hyung, again continuing to make cool music JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung from now on please give us good music! Whenever we’re recording, inensely stabs our problems with their Godly hands Im SangHyuk PD, Director Kim DoHoon, I definitely will not forget. KyuSangie Hyung, JungWonie Hyung, JungKwanie Hyung, JungMinie Hyung, HoonJinie Hyung, BoRam Noona, makers of cool choreography SeHwanie Hyung, TaeBumie Hyung, OkSunie Hyung I’m sorry for not contacting you more frequently. Teacher GilSang, Teacher HoonKyu, Teacher JangHoon, Teacher WeeJung, Teacher SungRyong, Teacher RaeHwa, Teacher JiHoon, Teacher MinAh, I’ll work hard.

Teacher SsanCho!!! Okuda Mina-Chan who I met just for a short while~ Although they are busy, interviewing for BTOB and writing introductions Team Leader An HyoJin, Planning Team President Lee SooHyun, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung, SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona, InYoung Noona, Visual Art Team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DeokHwan and SeonBoonie Noona keke Management Support Team Supervisor Kim SangKyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona, Art Web Team Director Park JungChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona and Writer Jo SungJoon, JaeBInie Hyung thank you very much!

And the ones that make our cool clothes HeeWon Noona, HanSaem Noona, EunHye Noona, HeeRan Noona! From now on, please give me more bling-bling outfits~ The one who makes my cool hair Director KangHo, the ones that does my pretty make-up Ms. Moon JooYoung, everyone of the red carpet let’s stay by each other’s side^^

The Music Video is totally cool. Director Hong WonKi thank you! From now on please continue to take cool photos SangMoo Hyung, Mr. Kim YoungJoon. SBS MTV Lee HanYoung PD and all the included staff thank you. And who has taught me a lot Teacher Kim YoungCheol, SungWonie Hyung from now on please take good care of me. And who has contonued to help us Beast Sunbaes, 4Minute Sunbaes, G.Na Sunbaenim, Mario Sunbaenim, Huh Gak Sunbaenim, and again to the pretty A Pink Sunbaes, thank you!!

And to our pretty and cool trainee Hyungs, Noonas, Friends and Dongsaengs~! JiHoonie Hyung I wish you the best!! Let’s definitely meet at the broadcasting stations!keke

And I have not forgotten. Seo Woncho, Seo WonJoong, Chang HyunGo, Halim and friends!! When you’ve grown cooler let’s meet! And finally my BTOB Hyungs! I really love you! Let’s hit the big time!!!!^^

translated by fyeahborntobeat |   PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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