[OTHER] Peniel’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


I’d like to start off by thanking God. Without him none of this would’ve been possible. Whenever I had a hard time I knew I could always turn to him for comfort. “trust in the Lord with your heart: do not understand on your own understanding.” – proverbs 3:5 NLT – secondly I’d like to thank my family No Matter what I wanted to do, you guys were always there to support me. I could’ve have asked for a better family cuz you guys are the best! I love you guys so much!! ❤ Thanks for everything

President Hong SeungSung, Representative Shin JungHwa, Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, Boss Lee SooHyun, Director Kim HyungKyu, Director Oh JiHo, Director Park YongBok thank you! Always behind us and working hard for us YongWoonie Hyung thank you. Because they are always around us and taking care of us JiYongie Hyung, YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung thank you very very much. Whenever we see them the caring manager Hyungs and Noonas SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, HyeJungie Noona, JinTaekie Hyung, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung thank you. Making our songs from start to finish the creators Im SangHyuk PD, Sung JaeWoo PD, YongBae Hyung, JaeBinie Hyung, thank you very much. The persons that created Peu-tographer SoYeonie Noona and DaYeon Noona thank you. Proxy InYoung, JiA Noona, YeonSoo Hyung and Danny! Thank you!! The troubled HyoJin Noona who is with us at our interviews thank you. And the ones that records our videos Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Representative Kim DeokHwan, JiSun Noona thank you. To the ones thaht make the albums and designs Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona thank you. For a long time, I haven’t done well but the Rookie Development Team that took good care of me JaeHyun Hyung, MinJung Noona, SangMi Noona, SeNa Noona, WoonSun Noona, thank you. And to those that helped me grow my dancing skills GilSangie Hyung, JungMinie Hyung, SeHwanie Hyung, TaeBumie Hyung, OkSeonie Hyung thank you very much. And to the lessons that helped me grow my vocal skills Teacher TaeKyung, thank you also so much!! Teacher Min HaNa and Teacher SungEun thank you. And to Teacher DongHyuk who taught me other things thank you. And to the stylists that have us wear our cool clothes Hee Won Noona, HeeRan Noona, HanSaem Noona, EunHye Noona, SunKyung Noona, thank you. And the ones the prettily styles our hair and make-up Chief KangHo, Vice Chief EunJoo, Ms. MinJi, Red Carpet Team thank you very much. Kim YoungCheol Sunbaenim and SeongWonie Hyung please take care of me from now on. The ones who has our pictures come out nicely Photographer Park SangMoo, Mr. Kim YoungJoon, Photographer Mok NaJung thank you. The ones that make our music videos look cool Director Hong WonKi. The one who brought me from the states JiYoung Noona, HeeWon Noona and the ones who took great care of me in Korea JiHyung Noona, KiJae Hyung, JungEun noona, JiHwanie Hyung thanks so so much! And wh ofirst taught me how to dance Teacher HyungWoong and Teacher JinWook, Teacher Tofu! For making the lessons fun when I dance thank you! The one who first taught me how to sing Teacher GaYoung and together troubled when we were a band Teacher Song YooMi, and Teacher Shin YooMi who is friendly during lessons thank you very much! And the one who made lessons very very fun Teacher HoonKyu! Since childhood those who have continued to teach me because I wanted to learn thank you! And the one teaching Korean until Chinese Teacher LeeHang ! Thank you so much!!

And to my first rap teacher Teacher SungBae! Thanks for teaching me everything you taught me! I’m very thankful. Also thanks to my only family in Korea, Jinu Hyung, Anne Noona, Langston. Love you guys!!^^ thanks for taking care of me in Korea! You guys are awesome guardians!!!

My aunt and uncle that treat me like a son, and SangRim Noona that treates me like a brother thank you very much!^^ And 4Minute Sunbaes, Beast Sunbaes, G.Na Sunbaenim, Mario Sunbaenim, Huh Gak Sunbaenim, A Pink Sunbaes, Miss A Sunbaes, Wonder Girls Sungbaes, 2PM Sunbaes, San-E Sunbaenim, Joo Sunbaenim! Thank you for always having me do well and saying good words (to me) before debut! And Go3 Teacher DamIm! Teacher Park GilSoo! Thank you for working hard!

And to our fans!! For trying to understand my broken Korean thank you >_< Whenever I have free time I will study more Korean! From now on, because I will work even harder please support and love us more!!! Thank you!!!!^^

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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