[OTHER] Ilhoon’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


To God the Father who is always watching over me, to Mom and Dad who gave birth to me and to my dear older sister thank you. And to all the Melodies I love you!!!

President Hong SeungSung even though I am lacking thank you for letting me debut…!!! Representative Shin JungHwa, Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, YongBokie Hyung and Director Oh JiHo! Thank you. And, to YongWoonie Hyung, JiYongie Hyung, YongHyunie Hyung, JongWonie Hyung who continue to suffer because of they really love us, thank you!!!!

Again, to the next generation copyright tycoon who always writes good songs Im SangHyuk PD-nim, who gives us proper guidance Director Kim DoHoon, to JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung, YongChanie Hyung who sold our spirits, and JaeBinie Hyung who continues to record our songs, thank you!!

And to the Rookie Development Team that raised me well, Director Kim HyungGyu, Director Park JaeHyun, Team Leader Shin MinJung, SangMi Noona, SeNa Noona, IlShikie Hyung, WoonSun Noona, JungEun Noona, Thank you very much!! I’ll reward you when I become a huge singer!!!!

And to the Management team, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChanie Hyung, TaeMinie Hyung thank you. To our Team Leader HyoJin who always has us meet with the good reporters!!! Thank you! Although not seen around but always working hard for us the Planning Team Boss Lee SooHyun, InYoung Noona, JiAh Noona, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung thank you very much. To the Fan Marketing team who always makes our image look good SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona. Visual Art Team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DeokHwan, JiSun Noona thank you very much!! Management Support Team Supervisor Kim SangGyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona thank you!!!

Art Web Team Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JungHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona thank you!! General Manager Engineer Jo SeongJoon thank you! To the stylists who make us wear good and pretty clothes HeeWon Noona, HeeRan Noona, EunHye Noona, HanSaem Noona, SeonKyung Noona, DaEun Noona, SooYoung Noona!!! Really thank you!!!! And styling us with cool hair Director KangHo, WookJae Noona, HyoJung Noona, YoungRan Noona, TaeJin Noona and for make-up Mr. Moon JooYoung, Ms. Yoojin, Ms. SeNa, Ms. HyeMi thank you! Taking pretty pictures SangMoo Hyung, Mr. Kim YoungJoon, Photographer Mok NaJeong thank you! And for filming our cool music videos Supervisor Hong WonKi, Johnny Bros. Family Thank you!! Again and again!!! Always giving good choreography SeHwanie Hyung and TaeBumie Hyung! And OkSunie Hyung thank you! And my life’s first dance teacher JeongWanie Hyung, again JeongKwanie Hyung, JeongMinie Hyung! HoonJinie Hyung, Boram Noona and… Master Q!!!! Thank you, I love you really!!!! Although I lack in skills, for teaching me how to sing Teacher GilSang thank you. keke For teaching me acrobatics Teacher HoonKyu! Thank you! Teacher DJ Schedule thank you! Teaching me Japanese Teacher JiHoon and Teacher MinAh!!! Thank youㅠㅠ And the three lovely sisters Teacher SeongEun, Teacher [?]Jang and especially Teacher HaNa thank you. keke body building Teacher SeongRyong thank you!

And my company seniors Beast Hyungs, 4Minute noonas and my friend SoHyunie, G.Na Noona, Mario Sunbaenim, JiHoonie Hyung, YeRin Noona thank you!!! NaEunie, YooKyungie, HaYoungie, NamJoo I really cherish and thank you! ChoRong Noona, BoMi Noona, EunJi Noona thank you!! And to my CUBE Trainee friends I really love you, also my dongsaeng HyeRin keke And to my dear friends I love you. My lifelong friends JeongHyunie, HyukSoonie, JinKyu and HoSungie, HyeYeonie, Genius DongHyukie, Genius NamJoonie thanks keke To JaeHwan-ah that’s in the U.S, when there’s time let’s see each other immediately keke

Anyways, to the cherished everyone that loves me really thank you so much. I love you all… And lastly, EunKwangie Hyung! MinHyukie Hyung! ChangSubie Hyung! HyunSikie Hyung! Peniel Hyung! SungJae! I love and thank you! Fighting!!!!!!!x1000

translated by fyeahborntobeat |  PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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