[ARTICLE] BTOB are ready to melt hearts in new photo teaser for upcoming single, “Second Confession”


Cube Entertainment recently confirmed BTOB‘s comeback announcing their new song titled, “Second Confession“. The song is said to be perfect for the warm spring weather as a sweet confession song that music lovers of all ages will be able to relate to.

Earlier today Cube tweeted, “Day 2 Confession: sweet and warm transformation for the guys. Get ready to be melted by them“, along with the above photo. Rather than a charismatic concept, it seems the group is shooting for a more neighborly vibe, a perfect fit for the onset of Spring.

The song will start off with a narration, and it will include lyrics that depict the emotions of a man who is about to confess his feelings a second time to a lover he has parted with in the past.

The track is actually a thank you present from the boys to all the fans who have supported them for over a year. Although it sings of a man and his feelings for his past girlfriend, it also serves as a serenade from the boys of the group to their adoring fans!

source: allkpop


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