[OTHER] Minhyuk’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! BTOB’s second mini album is released!! Mom and dad who are the most prettiest and coolest in the world and the best older brother! And my family, I love you so much and I love you again. Hong SeungSeong CEO, thank you for blessing us with “BTOB”. We will repay you by becoming the best. Representative Shin JeongHwa, President Park ChoongMin, Vice President No HyunTae, President Lee Soohyun, Director Kim HyungGyu, Director Oh JiHo, thank you very very much. Always doing their best for BTOB our hidden members! YongWoon Hyung, JiYong Hyung, JongWon Hyung thank you. Without hyungs there wouldn’t be us!! And to the very precious rookie development team who gave me a chance! Be happy forever! Director Park JaeHyun, MinJeong Noona who found ‘Invisible Fighter’ Lee MinHyuk, gain some weight! SangMi Noona, and SeNa Noona, WoonSeon Noona, Ilsik Hyung who I miss again, Kang Min Hyung, thank you all so much. Director Kim DoHoon who went through a lot of trouble and gave us a great song, Im SangHyuk PD who always cares about us, JaeWoo Hyung who is with us in the recording studio, YongBae Hyung, I will fly higher than everyone Composer YongHan, we will make you copyright tycoons keke!! JaeBin Hyung who did the recording, General Manager Engineer Jo SeongJoon who mixed our song perfectly, thank you. YongBok Hyung, SeHun Hyung, JunGeon Hyung, JinTaek Hyung, JiHo Hyung, HyeJung Noona, YoungChan Hyung, TaeMin Hyung, thank you. Always drive safely!! HyoJin Noona who is with us from interview practises to the venue of the interview thank you. SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona in the Fan Marketing Team thank you. You’re fans too right Noonas~? YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWon Hyung, InYoung Noona in the Planning Team, Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JeongHyun, Assistant Manager Kim DeokHwan, Chummy(!) JiSeon in the Visual Arts Team, Director Kim SangGyun, Assistant Manager Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona in the Management Team, Director Park JeongChan, Team Leader Lee JeongHye, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona in the Art Web Team, thank you all so much. SeHwan Hyung, TaeBeom Hyung, OkSeon Hyung who stay up all night to think of new choreography, thank you. Tinkerbell HwaeWon Noona, HeeRan Noona, EunHye, HanSem and SeonGyung Noona thank you for always dressing us in nice clothes. Director Kang Ho at ‘Kang Ho the Red Carpet’ who always looks happiest styling hair including YoungRan Noona, HyoJeong Noona, OkJae Noona, TaeJin Noona, thank you. General Manager Joo Young, Teacher YooJin, HyeMi Noona, SeNa Noona who draws our eyeliner that is like our life, thank you. General Manager MinJi thank you! Director Hong WonGi and Zanybros who filmed our cool M/V! The handsome Photographer Mok NaJeong who took our jacket pictures, SangMoo Hyung, General Kim YoungJoon whom we are always thankful to, thank you. Thank you to Lee HanYoung PD at ‘THE SHOW’ including all the staff who gave us many opportunities and advice. Apologies for not being able to see you but we are always thankful. Thank you Kim SeokYoon PD. Though lessons were tough, the cool guy who helped a lot and made lots of memories with! GyuSeong Hyung, attach winnings!! JeongGwan Hyung, thank you. Pretty Teacher HyeJin who always cares for us, thank you! Thank you to Teacher SangHee who is very courteous. Teacher UiJeong, Teacher GilSang who have beautiful voices, Teacher JangHoon who gave me confidence in acting, I ‘know’ the sky Teacher HoonGyu, the best health trainer Teacher SeongYong, seeing you at the broadcasting stations was more meaningful BeomJoon Hyung! Though it was a short period of time, thank you very much Teacher YooRi. Cube artists that are really cool, 4MINUTE, BEAST, G.NA, MARIO, HUH GAK, A PINK seniors I want to be like you. Let’s get to know each other more!! Our dorm mate JiHoon! Let’s hit the jackpot!And ‘Lee Minhyuk’ would not have happened without Park Gong, JjiPpong, YongSoo, BaeJjae, DaeMal, DaYo, I miss you. If only the days would come quickly… Until that day let’s do our best in whatever position we’re in! My university classmate DaeSung, SangHyun! Also YeongDeok, successful GyeongPo, and our CUBE trainees who are both good-hearted and great let’s all become successful and meet at the broadcasting studios!! HanByul Hyung who always takes care of me like his real younger brother, and though it’s hard to contact each other Won Hyung, YongSuk, SeungWook, MinJong we must meet after we become successful…Always supporting you! Lastly, BTOB members… EunKwang, ChangSub, HyunSik, DongGeun, IlHoon, SungJae… I’m really thankful that we can do this together. Like what I always say let’s become the best!! Fighting!! In addition, everyone who gave me strength and support and our Melodies!! I will become the “Lee MinHyuk” who always does his best. Once again thank you to everyone. I love you!!!!

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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