[OTHER] Eunkwang’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


First of all, who has always been there for me I thank and glorify God. And my strong support! My beloved Father, Mother, EunChongie, I’m really happy to have you. The one who chose to believe in the 7 BTOB members our Father President Hong SeungSung, Mother Representative Shin JungHwa. We continue to work hard through the good words and advice of Boss Park ChoongMin, Vice President Noh HyunTae, Boss Lee SooHyun, Director Kim HyungKyu, Advertisement Marketing Director Oh JiHo, Our pillar YongWoonie Hyung, the best manager and Malaysia’s prince JiYongie Hyung, and because I have Hyung I am strong YongHyunie Hyung. Stay together for a long time with SuMi noona, JongWonie Hyung. Continue to smileYongBokie Hyung, SeHoonie Hyung, JoonKunie Hyung, JiHo Hyung, JinTaekie Hyung, HyeJung Noona and Bubble Tea (Bubble Chan) YoungChanie Hyung! TaeMinie Hyung, Although it was a short time it was very fun BumJoonie Hyung! Best in the universe Rookie Development Team! I thank you for a lifetime Director Park JaeHyun, has a difficult time but working hard Team Leader Shin MinJung, almost gone crazy a lot of times Angel SangMi Noona, just a Hyung that’s really good keke IlShikie Hyung, Getting prettier little by little SeNa Noona, unfortunately I was not there to greet you KangMinie Hyung, and WoonSunie Noona, TaeHyunie Hyung, DongMinie Hyung, Ah! And our Queen Mom JungEun Noona! I miss you~^^!

The one who made our allbum Mr. Jo SeongJoon, our country’s genius composer Kim DoHoon, The next generation royalities chaebol (tycoon) SangHyukie Hyung, Thank you for making good songs Composer YongChan, and sorry for having to teach me during recording sessions keke. JaeBinie Hyung, you are this era’s best composer as the maker of our songs!! JaeWoo Hyung, YongBae Hyung! From now on, let’s definitely work well together^^!! Management Support team Supervisor Kim SangGyoon, Proxy Yoo SangEun, ChoWon Noona! Since the time of our Trainee showcase working together in one team Director Kim JongHoon, Team Leader Jung JungHyun, Proxy Kim DokHwan, My friend JiSunie! Fandom Worry NO! Fan Marketing Team’s SoYeon Noona, DaYeon Noona! Media PR Team’s HyoJin Noona! The sparkling idea bank Planning Team’s InYoung Noona, JiA Noona, YeonSoo Hyung, DaeWonie Hyung! For making us come out cool and pretty art team’s JungChanie Hyung, JungHye Noona, SeMi Noona, HyeIn Noona! the always cheerful and cool Mario Sunbaenim. I really learn a lot from watching you! The best artist Beast sunbaenim! Thank you for being approachable!4Minute Sunbaenim! The one that doesn’t lack in beauty G.Na Noona! Surprised with his out of this world vocals Huh Gak Sunbaenim! During trainee days they were my hoobae, but now they are my sunbaenim who else other than the 7 fairies of A Pink! Expect a lot in the future!! My friend JiHoonie! This is everyone in the CUBE family! I sincerely thank you and I love you^^

Our cool choreographer we have troubled overnight, SeHwanie-hyung, TaeBumie-hyung, OkSunie-hyung! The best hair and make-up team! Kangho the Red Carpet* Kangho Director, Teacher YoungRan, WookJae-noona, HyoJung-noona, TaeJin-noona, Ms. JooYoung, Teacher YooJin, Teacher SeNa including all staff members. Because of us we’ve given them much trouble, the best costume team HeeWon-noona, HeeRan0noona, EunHye, HanSaemie, the cool people that takes good pictures I cannot believe SangMu-hyung, Sir Kim YoungJun! Writer Mok NaJeong! Fantasy’s M.V team Director Hong WonKi from Zanybros! Everyone, I really thank you. Until now, we’re like one, all of our Vocal teachers Teacher Lee SangGon, Teacher Hong SeokMin, Teacher Kwon ChaeRin, Teacher Song YooMi, Teacher Kim RaeHee, Teacher Ja JiEun, Teacher Lee GilSang, where the teachers stay I am there. And when I see him he smells of smoke Teacher JangHoon, Owner of beautiful fantasy’s Acrobatics Teacher HoonGyu, I continue to thank the best health trainer Teacher SeongYong, I’ll work hard on my Japanese..! teacher Nobue, Teacher JiHoon and Teacher MinAh^^! These are all the teachers! Thank you for making me who I am.

NOTE: *Kangho the Red Carpet is a salon where Korean idols go for hair and make-up. This is where you can find artists (other than BTOB) such as Beast, 4Minute, Infinite, etc.

translated by fyeahborntobeat | PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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