[OTHER] Changsub’s Written Message at BTOB’s 2nd Mini-Album “Press Play”


I want to give all thanks and glory to God, for giving me an opportunity to be where I am. I am very thankful because I didn’t go to church and came to You only when I needed you. And I thank my mom and my dad for giving birth to me, and raising me with good health. To my one and only sister Jungeun, I love you^^

I also want to thank our President Hong Seung Sung for putting me on stage. Representative Shin Junghwa-nim I thank you! I also want to thank CEO Park Choong Min-nim and the CEO Lee Soohyun-nim. To Representative Choi Jinho-nim, I thank you so much for holding onto me to not to lose my dream^^ To Co-CEO Noh Hyuntae-nim, I always thank you.  Department manager Kim HyungGyu-nim and Head Instructor^^ thank you!! Department Manager Im Yongwoon-nim, I always thank you. Thank you Department Manager Park Yongbok-nim. A-Cube representative Hong Il Hwa, thank you!! To Jiyong hyung, who is always so full of energy, thank you ^^, Sehunnie hyung, Jun-Gun hyung, Jiho hyung, Jintaek hyung, Hyejung Nuna, YoungChan hyung, Taemin hyung, thank you! To Yonghyun and Jongwon hyung, whom I am the closest to, thank you^^ To our fan manager Soyeon nuna and Dayeon nuna, thank you for managing our fans and take our pictures.

Thank you Head of Department Hyojin-nim, who helped to get our name known by introducing us to a lot of news reporters.  Department Manager Oh Jiho-nim, thank you, Assistant Manager Lee Inyoung-nim, Jia nuna, Daewon hyung and Yeonsoo hyung, I thank you so much! Thank you Kim Dohoon manager-nim, department chief Cho Sungjun-nim, Im Sanghyuk producer-nim, Yongchan hyung and Jaebin hyung, for giving us really cool songs^^ Best composers Jaewoo hyung and Yongbae hyung, stay with us together^^Thank you! Also want to thank to Kim Jonghoon Manager-nim, Jung Junghyun team manager-nin, Kim Duk Hwan Assistant Manager-nim, Jisun nuna, for filming and editing our fun footages so nicely. I want to thank that Visual Art team’s Park Jungchan Manager-nim, Head of Department Lee Junghye-nim, Assistant Manager Oh Saemi-nim, and Hye-in nuna! Thank you. Also want to thank the New Artist Development team, which is very special to me. Manager Park Jaehyun-nim, Head of Department Shin Minjung-nim, Il-shik hyung, Sang-mi nuna, Sena nuna, Woon-sun nuna, thank you.

I want to thank all of Cube and A-cube artists for giving me so much advice. Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, A-Cube’s Mario, Hu-gak and A-pink sunbae-nim, Jihoon hyung, I thank you all.

Tinkerbell stylist team!! Hwae-won nuna, Sunkyung nuna and Da-eun thank you! Gang-ho the Red Carpet, who makes our visual appearance. I want to thank all the staff from Red Carpet; Kang Ho, the main stylist, Ms.Young Ran, Hyojung nuna, Ok Jae nuna, Taeji nuna, I-Seul nuna. I also want to thank the make up artists. The department head Jooyoung, Ms.Yoojin, Haneum nuna, Areum nuna, minah nuna, soojin nuna, Jiwon nuna, thank you!

I want to thank our chroeography team Sehwan hyung, Taebum hyung, Oksun Hyung. Thank you! I also want to thank Zanybros for shooting our music video so extravangtly. Director Hong Wonki and the rest of the staff, thank you very much. And precious Song Yumi teacher, who helped me to hone my talent, thank you. Lee Gilsang teacher, thank you. I also want to thank Raehee teacher, Eu-Jung teacher, Jinnie teacher! I also want to thank HoonKyu teacher for teaching me acrobatics. Janghoon teacher, who taught me acting, thank you. Sungyong teacher, I always thank you, I will work out very hard!!

Also I want to thank some people who are very special to me. My mentor Head of Department Yunjung-nim…I love you, please always be with me. I am always very thankful. Kyusang hyung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always thankful to you. I love you. If you didn’t have a hold on me I wouldn’t be at where I am right now. Thank you^^ Yongduk hyung!! I always thank you over and over again^^. Junghwan hyung, to me you’re still the best..I love you. Jungkwang hyung!! I love you.  Jungmin hyung!! I love you ^^ My precious DQ!!!!!!!! Hoonjin hyung, Hongrak hyung, Sunmi nuna, Dasom nuna, Miyeon nuna, I love you.  We’re always one^^  And To our trainee friends!! Always work hard and fighting!!^^ To everyone on this letter, and also those of you who I couldn’t write down, but influenced my life, if you guys weren’t with me, the Changsub today would never have existed.  Because of you all I was able to overcome my hard times, and you guys are the reason why I stay humble and selfless.  BTOB is not a seven member group, everyone who needs to be thanked are all BTOB members.  I am also not alone.  I will run endlessly, always working hard and always staying humble.  Please give us a lot of strength so we won’t slow down.  Thank you.

translated by fyeahborntobeat |   PHOTO CREDIT: BTOBBar


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