[TWITTER032213] Peniel’s Anniversary Mention Party on Twitter

BTOB Behind Story  BTOB! 1st Anniversary ♡ (6)1주년 기념으로 멘션타임 시작!!!! ~프니엘~

since it’s our 1 year anniversery… MENTION TIME STARTING NOW!!!! ;D ~Peniel~

Here are the lucky fans who got a tweet:

@dashtoyou_ i’m doing alright! what about you???

@hhamnew no… just kidding.. haha of course really!

“인터넷이좀 느려고 좀 걸릴수도있어요!~프니엘~”

interents sorta slow so it might take a while to reply!~Peniel~

@hoaziqah the internet is weird so the computer is lagging T_T

@jongthighs thank you!!! (: i hope i do well T_T feel sorta burdened 😛

@mong_jae HI! (:

@niseek haha please wait a little bit more, BTOB really wants to comeback soon too

@unniecornio ahha what if they read this tweet? 😛

@junhyungshii happy birthday!! (:

@miso5370smile 잘생겼어요?? ㅎㅎ 고마워요 >_<

@freese19 안녕하세요~~ ㅋㅋ

@kellylieww they’re chatting on our fan cafe! 😛

@needlew thank you for supporting us!! >_<

@aegbeatz i had brunch !! pancakes sausage scramble egg (:

@vallisamint no.. didn’t get to eat that many thai foods.. sorta sad ):

@biandanatadya sydney~~~ haha i wanna visit 😛

@ohsehyuns what style? lol

@podaetoh sorry! i can’t reply to everyone ! there’s too many! i’m trying to reply to as many as i can!

@_crayonxx haha to be honest..i don’t really like taking selfies 😛

@kellyyangyoseob actually it’s sorta chilly right now haha xP

@elvina_felicia no.. but i wanna learn!! really wanna learn how to cook~

@yoonnal12 안녕하세요~

@FT_MBLAQ haha it’s ok! even though you’re not a melody thank you for liking us! ^^ woo!

와~~ ㅋㅋ 생일 축하해요!!

@NamjaTaemin_ why!?!?! you have to study!! i even started attending college again! study!!

@supaIuv whoa dubai~ haha thank you for the support (:

@arvinakicksbutt saving pandas~~~

@goeun913 감사합니다감사합니다축하해주셔서감사합니다

@SY__c0590 haha it’s very confusing… lol

@harryinlove good luck!! DO WELL!!! fighting!

@atiqahh_ hope you feel better!!! SMILE!

@kyujongs ahhaah now go study! (:

@linyingg sorta busy these days with school and practice so i haven’t been able to thing of a script for the next vlog.. sorry >_< i

@FT_primaPim 안녕하세요????

@derpsaylina_ saw it!! 😀

@_hephap go to sleep1! zzzz

@fujomarrew yes it’s really me (:

@Michi961015 감사합니다 (:

@ohmycutebb yes.. i hope i can go on stage asap (:

오늘은 여기까지입니다! 답장못했으면..죄송해요 ㅠㅠ 고마워요~프니엘~

that’s it for today! sorry if i didn’t reply!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! 😀 ~Peniel~


source: PENIEL


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