[TWITTER032213] G.NA’s selca with Ilhoon rehearsing for Music Bank

BF6mvTSCQAAy3d6굿모닝♥지금은 김밥을 먹으며 뮤뱅 으로 고고ㅋ있다가 내사랑 G.Ni’s 사녹때 볼생각하니깐 신나네용!ㅋ있다봐요!화이팅! 아! 일훈이랑 셀카 타임 pt.2!^^ㅋ어제연습마치고찰칵! 오늘도화이팅!^^

Good morning♥ Just ate kimbab before going to Music Bank GOGOㅋThinking about meeting my love G.Ni’s during recording makes me so excited!ㅋSee you later!Fighting! Ah! Selca with Ilhoon time pt.2!^^ㅋTook this after practice yesterday! Today fighting too!^^

source: GNA
trans: hutaside


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