[WEIBO031413] Queen-T’s Weibo Update about BTOB, M4M and Ladies Code

btobm4mladiescode整理相册~回忆顷刻翻涌~看着都开始活跃在舞台上的好朋友们~心里无比的为他们开心~同时自己也平添更多的动力~~! 曾经的上铺ladies code的ashley,曾经追着我要吃软糖的btob星材,炫植,绵羊日勋,唱歌腻歪的恩光还有让我给带有友鸡爪的宇胜,神经质的bin,jimmy哥,还要更努力,一起加油吧~都要好好地~

Arranging photo album~ memories instantly flows~ looking at my good friends who are actively on the stage~ my heart feels extremely happy for them~at the same time it adds a lot of strength to me~~! previously on the upper bed bunk ladies code’s ashley, previously coming after me for candy is btob’s sungjae,hyunsik,little sheep ilhoon, singing very greasily is eunkwang and letting me bring “you you ji zhua” for him is yusheng(M4M’s Vinson’s real name), bin(M4M member) who is crazy, jimmy oppa(M4M member), still have to work hard, let’s work hard together~ everybody must be well~

source: Queen T


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