[TWITTER022613] A Touched Changsub Expression

BEB3UO5CUAEvdM7여러분…정말 레알 감사드려요 생일파티에 오신분들도 못오신분들도 축하해주신모든분들 너무너무감사드립니다..ㅠㅠ 감동… 제가보답할방법은 멋진무대밖에없는거같아요 ㅠ 항상최선을 다 하도록 할께요^^ 사랑하고 감사드립니다 쪽~

Everyone… I am really very thankful. To those who came for the birthday party and to those who wished me a happy birthday even though you weren’t able to show up, I am really really thankful..ㅠㅠ Touched… The only thing I can do in order to repay you is give you better performances ㅠ I will always demonstrate everyone the best I can  do^^ I love you, thank you chu~

사진투척! 감동의표정

Giving you a picture with my touched expression

source: CHANGSUB
trans: FYBTOB


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