[TWITTER021713] Minhyuk thanks everyone whom supported him at “TvN’s The 3 Idiots”

minhyuk(민혁) 잠시후 tvN에서 7시40분부터 방송되는 ‘세 얼간이’ 저도출연하니까 많이많이시청해주시고 응원많이해주세요^0^(생방송!)

(MinHyuk) In a few minutes, at 7:40PM , TvN’s ‘The 3 Idiots’ will be broadcasted. I will make an appearance so please watch the show and cheer on for me ^0^ (Live Broadcast!)

(민혁) 응원문자보내주신분들 모두 고맙습니다^^! 특히 당첨되신분 축하드리구요! 태블릿PC잘쓰시구-.-+ 싸인CD도 보내드릴게요^0^!!

(MinHyuk) The people who sent their support, thank you so much^^! Especially the ones that were selcted Congratulations! Use the tablet PC well-.-+ a signed CD will also be sent to you^0^!!

source: MINHYUK
trans: FYBTOB


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