[CAFE013013] Changsub: “We won the MVP Award”

BTOB (24)

그제 어제 아육대부터 가요무대까지
함께 해주셧던 분들 그리고 오진못했지만 응원해주셧던 모든 분들 전부 모두 감사 합니다
일부러 다 끝나고 쓸려고 아무것도 안쓰고 있었지용 ㅋㅋㅋ
어제 우리가 엠브이피 됫어요 축하해주세요 추카추카 추카추카추카
정말 너무너무 수고 많으셧습니다 정말 너무 너무 직접 하고 있는 나나 우리 멤버들보다
계속 앉아서 바라만 보고 계셧던 여러분들이 더 힘들다는거 잘 알고 있지요
그래서 너무너무 감사드리구요 정말 감사드려요^^
항상 여러분곁에 비투비이창섭이엇습니다 부끄럼쟁이 이창섭이엇습니다
그럼 이만 끝!!!! 사랑해요 멜로디

To all the fans that have been with us since yesterday from Idol Championship to Gayo Stage, also to everyone who cheered for us despite being unable to come, thank you everyone.
I purposely didn’t write anything until everything ended kekeke
We won the MVP award. Please congratulate us. Congrats congrats congrats congrats congrats
Everyone worked really really hard, I really wanted to do this personally really really different from our members.
I know how hard it has been for everyone to constantly sit down and watch.
Therefore, I am really really very thankful, we really appreciate it ^^
From being the regular ChangSub from BTOB, I change into the shy ChangSub when I’m with you guys.
That is all!!!! I love you Melody

source: CHANGSUB
trans: FYBTOB


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