[INTERVIEW] BTOB for Haru Hana Magazine: The first impression of each other?


Eunkwang – My deepest impression was of Ilhoon. At that time, he was still a middle school student who is completely like a child (laugh) and he doesnt talk much.. but it is the complete opposite now.

Peniel – When I saw Changseob, he would always he always had his chin raised. I would always wonder why would he be doing that. (laughs) And Eunkwang, after filming for ‘Living in Cheongdamdong’, he will always rush back and his hair and face would be covered with perspiration.. I always mistook him for someone who just had a shower. (laughs)

Minhyuk – I seem to have some memories which are hard to forget.

Changseob – Someone said that i am a little scary when you first meet me (laughs) but the impression gets better from the moment you meet me.

Hyunsik – I have quite an eye for people, everyone looks really friendly.

Ilhoon – Yes! I am exceptionally happy when we meet!

Sungjae – As for me, I feel that everyone sings really well~

Minhyuk – Be it singing or rapping, everyone is really good at it. But I want to be the best as I am greedy (laughs)

JP-CH: btob290402, maomao_yingnuna @ weibo
CH- EN: @btobtweets


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