[TWITTER011713] Ilhoon thanks their Melodies

ilhoon상을 하나 받았습니다. 말레이시아에 있을 때 책을 한권 읽었는데 문제아 중학생이 미국 최대의 의료병원 존스홉킨스 대학의 수석 의사가 될때까지의 성장배경을 담은 책이었어요…저희도 그런 성장과정에 있다고 생각합니다.

모두 순전히 운이 좋아서, 저희를 사랑해주시는 팬분들, 멜로디 여러분들이 응원해주신 덕분이에요.. 저희 더 열심히 할게요!! 뽜이팅!


We received an award. During my stay in Malaysia, I read a book about a middle school student with disabilities at America’s biggest medical treatment hospital and the head physician at Johns Hopkins University told him not to stop growing even when things get tough…. We also believe that such a process of growth exists.

We were just lucky, it’s all thanks to all our fans who give us their love, it’s all thanks to our Melodies that cheer us on.. We will work even harder!! Hwaiting!

This is Ilhoon ke

source: ILHOON
trans: FYBTOB


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