[TWITTER122412] Ilhoon: “Don’t Miss MTV Diary”

WBS (41)(일훈) 엠티비다이어리~~~~~ 쏴랑합니다 우리비투비 열심히했으니 꼭 봐주시긔~~! 연경혜피디님껜 감사.또감사… 무한한 영광이 함께하시길!!!^^…일지도..??ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 멜로디 본방샤슈!!!♥

(IlHoon) MTV Diary~~~~~ I love you. We spent a lot of time making it, so please don’t miss the broadcast~~! Yeo Kyong Hyae whom we feel thankful to, really thankful. We hope to share many other things together!!!^^…Hopefully..?? kekekukekeke Anyhow please stay tuned to watch the repeat broadcast!!!♥

source: ILHOON


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