[TWITTER122412] Ilhoon’s over usage of the number ’60’

A-1PyjCCAAESq8T주간아이돌 예고편이당ㅋㅋㅋ!!! 우리 도니코니 형님!! 귀염 터지는 소현이! 뭐니뭐니 해도 육십초를보면 육십분을 보고싶고 육십분을 보면 육십시간 보고싶고 육십일 보고싶고 육십년 보고싶은 인피니트 성규님과 함께한 주간아~~!! 마니사랑해주시긔^^♥

This is a preview for Weekly Idol kekeke!!! Our DoniKoni Hyung-nims!! Our cutey SoHyunie! What is it What is it If you watch it for 60 seconds you will probably watch it for 60 minutes,  60 hours, and you would watch it for 60 days, you would want to watch Infinite’s Sunggyu on Weekly Idol for 60 years~~!! Please give it lots of love^^

source: ILHOON
trans: FYBTOB


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