[TWITTER122112] Ilhoon’s words of wisdom

cf93c743ad4bd113aa077ae35aafa40f4afb051b(일훈) THERE THEY GO. 가서 반성 하도록해 맨벽에 대고 세대교체가 임박하니 판이 뒤집히고 썩은 음악과 섞인 이 막과 장을 우리가 바꿔놔 눈 가리고 말 안해도 알아들어 바로 다 RECOGNIZE

(Ilhoon) THERE THEY GO. Go reflect and in order to do so, face the wall and reflect as the generation shift is obvious isn’t it.
 Reverse everything, let us put a change to this chapter where music that is bad just blended in with the rest. Even if I am blindfolded and you do not say anything, I know as I will immediately RECOGNIZE

source: ILHOON
trans: cubictweets


One thought on “[TWITTER122112] Ilhoon’s words of wisdom

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