[VIDEO] BTOB in Bangkok’s program ‘KanPak’

All: sa wad dee Krub… kan Pak (name of this entertainment program) We’re Born to beat!
Changsub: sawad dee kab.. I’m changsub Nice to meet you.
Hyunsik: sawaddee krub I’m hyunsik.
Peniel: sawaddee krum I’m Peniel.
Eunkwang: Sawaddee krub…. (he forgot what he’s supposed to say)…. ah sawed dee krab…….. Hello I’m Eunkwang.
Sungjae: Sawaddee krub .. I’m sungjae
Ilhoon: dawadddee krub I’m Ilhoon.
Minhyuk: Sawadddee krub I’m Minhyuk

Q: How do you feel about many fans came to support you at the Airport?
Eunkwang: This is our first time in Thailand. There are a lot of melodies at the Airport…We’re so happy …and tears on our eyes.
Ilhoon: Not only 1st floor…a lot of fans are on the second floor too… I really feel great and happy.

Q: You have to stand on the same stage with Thai Super model competitors… how do you feel?
Eunkwang: Rak na jub jub (Love you kisskiss)
Ilhoon: We wanna say Thank you to everyone who come to see Thai Super Model Contest… We will prepare the best performance for all fans.
Eunkwang: We want to show you what BTOB is. We prepare many songs such as WOW and Insane.
(Ilhoon dances to ‘WOW’)

Q: Can you act like a Model to show you fans?
Ilhoon: Me! (He’s the first)
Hyunsik: You have to tiptoe all the time when you walk.
Ilhoon: like this! (he tiptoes)

(They show as a model)

ALL: sawadde krub …. kanpak

ALL: See you later!!

translated by @bell2kim

source: MDpitt0618


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