[INTERVIEW] BTOB’s Interview at Thai Super Model Contest Press


BTOB from CUBE Introduced themselves to Thai fans and show their great performance in Thai Supermodel Contest 2012

16.00 on 13th December at Dusitthani Hotel , seven-membered Korean Idol group called BTOB from CUBE entertainment introduced themselves and their future plans to thai reporters. They went to Thailand for being guest in final round of Thai Supermodel Contest 2012 at Bangkok Convention centre Central Ladprao.


We need you to introduce yourself.
Changsub: Sawaddee Krub My name’s Changsub. I’m vocalist.
Minhyuk: I’m Minhyuk. I’m rocker.
Sungjae: I’m Sungjae
Hyunsik: I’m Hyunsik.
Ilhoon: I’m Ilhoon. i’m also cute and handsome.
Eunkwang: I’m Eunkwang
Peniel: I’m Peniel.

Q: This is the first time that you came to Thailand Many of the fans welcome at Airport….How do you feel ?
Hyunsik: Yesterday is our first time in Thailand I’m so happy to be here and Many of fans came to support us. Thailand is the country that my mom and dad went to honey moon.

Q: Have anybody ever been to Thailand before? Did your seniors tell anything about Thailand? What did they say?
Ilhoon: It’s the first time of all members. My seniors said “You’ll go to Thailand? I wanna go with you”

Q: What about your work
Minhyuk: We released song named ‘Press Play’ which is old style. Try to listen it 🙂

Q: What kind of girls that makes BTOB sing ‘MY GIRL’ to show your love to her?
Sungjae: All kinds.^^ Now I want to sing ‘MY GIRL’ to everyone.

Q: For Leader, Tell something about how to take care of each member.
Eunkwang: I got a lot of pressure at first ,but everyone worked very hard. Some members get up late sometimes.

Q: Minhyuk ,You has really nice skin. What is your secret?
Minhyuk: Don’t use facial form in the morning;use only pure water ,use a lot of cream and don’t be stressful.

Q: Changsub, You are good at Aekgyo. I have been asked to doing Aegkyo every time you go to variety programs. In fact,your personalities are cute and fractious, right?
Changsub: (doing cute act)
Minhyuk: Na-rak-jung-bei (so cute)

Q: Hyunsik,You has a good shape and sexy muscles. What is your secret to be fit and firm?
Hyunsik: I do a continous exercise and eat a lot of meats.

Q: Peniel, Did you know that your fans call you as an American innocent boy… how do you feel? Are you ‘innocent’ like your alias?
Peniel: Yep! That word is me.

Q: Your interesting property is doing Aegkyo … for BTOB ,You are the best in making rap … can you make a rap for us?
Ilhoon: I’ll sing Press Play.

Q: What is the advantage of Maknae?
Sungjae: No one tease me ,but I always tease them… and I’m good at wheedle … when i do something bad… i just wheedle and then They gonna give surrender to me.

Q: If BTOB join the modal contest… Who is the winner to be a model?
Sungjae: Me! Because I’m a Maknae.
Ilhoon: Every one will get 1 st places.

Q: You guys are going to join ‘2013 United Cube concert’ with your senior… Are you excited? Do you have any special performance? did you have a plan about 2013 United Cube concert in Thailand?

Minhyuk: Not only Korean fan, Thai fan can also go to the concert. There will be special collaboration of each artists in the concert. Now we plan to go perform in Korea,Japan and China, but we plan to perform in Thailand too.

Minhyuk: This is our first time here. Please follow up our work in the future. “Thaifans-Na rak jang – rak na jub jub” (Thaifans – so cute – Love you … kiss kiss)

Thai-Eng: @Bell2kim (TRANS)


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