[NEWS] Why didn’t Lee Minwoo debuted as a BtoB member?

Even before the Male Rookie Group BTOB debuted they already had TV Appearances and one of these are their sitcom “I live in Cheongdamdong” Where 4 of today’s BtoB members are introduced there as part of a 5 member male group “Cheondamdong” with supposed to be member “Lee Minwoo”.

When BtoB’s teasers and promotional photos was revealed fans noticed that Lee Minwoo is not enlisted. Fans have been wondering Why didn’t Lee Minwoo debuted at BtoB all along?, Where did they got Peniel? Is Lee Minwoo sick?. Questions like these had fans in mind. But really, Why didn’t he debuted at BtoB as a member?

Lee Minwoo officially stated that he is suffering from an illness in which his ears are affected that’s why Cube has postponed his debut along with the members. Lee Minwoo is now known as T.K the lead rapper for C-Clown.


photo + source : @kkennooo and @BTOBupdates


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